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Each week the OK PolicyCast brings you the most important news affecting Oklahoma and what it means. This week, we speak with David Blatt about what this week's elections mean for Oklahoma and the nation. We also share some non-election related news for the week.

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Each week the OK PolicyCast brings you the most important news affecting Oklahoma and what it means. This week, we'll discuss a new OK Policy report on the track record of the Medicaid expansion in other states, along with headlines, numbers of the day, and more.

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The OK PolicyCast discusses the most important news in Oklahoma and what it means. This week, we’ll speak with Carly Putnam about economic opportunities for women in Oklahoma, and what we can do to make it easier for women to get ahead. Also this week's headlines, numbers of the weeks, and more!

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The OK PolicyCast brings you the most important news in Oklahoma, and what it means. This week we talk with David Blatt about the state of Oklahoma's democracy. It's election season, but a whole lot of Oklahomans aren't voting or participating in any way in choosing who will take office. What's holding us back?

We also share the top headlines, numbers of the week, and more.

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This week we discuss the growing crisis in Oklahoma's prisons and signs that state leaders might actually do something about it; yet another controversy around state Superintendent Barresi; how the Oklahoma governor's race is heating up on the airwaves; & more...

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This week we discuss new Census data that shows what's happening with poverty in Oklahoma; controversy over special needs students and newly released A-F grades for schools; how Oklahoma's doing on the health of our people and the health of our democracy; & more...

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In this week's OK PolicyCast, we talk about a new event series aimed at growing citizen involvement across Oklahoma. We also discuss controversy over militarized police in Oklahoma, and a private firm that has been training police officers to seize cash from drivers at highway stops, even though they have not been charged with a crime.

We also talk about a push to increase the tipped minimum wage for Oklahoma service workers, a new study on wage theft, and how rising court fees are feeding Oklahoma's incarceration crisis, as well as what the City of Tulsa is doing to prepare for climate change and attract millenials.

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Each week we bring you the most important news affecting Oklahoma, and what it means. This week, we discuss a couple of lawsuits before the Oklahoma Supreme Court that could dramatically change tax politics in the state. We also talk about controversies over tax incentives for private businesses, a new campaign by the mayors of OKC and Tulsa to reduce their cities' dependency on sales tax, a state lawmaker's comments that has Oklahoma Muslims upset, key numbers of the week, & more.

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We're back from vacation, rested and ready to share the most important Oklahoma news and analysis. This week, we discuss a recent book by journalist Amanda Ripley, "The Smartest Kids in the World and How They Got that Way." The book looks at what countries with the highest performing education systems are doing right, and Oklahoma plays a prominent role in the story. We also talk about the loss of Oklahoma's No Child Left Behind waiver, new details on the investigation of a botched execution, numbers of the week, and more...

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Today's episode shares highlights from the education panel at the 2014 Summer Policy Institute. Guests include Jenks Principal Rob Miller, Sapulpa Superintendent Kevin Burr, Booker T. Washington high school teacer Dr. Anthony Marshall, and OU professor and education researcher Dr. Curt Adams.

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